Positive change begins from the inside out.

Great leaders find balance between the various areas of their lives.

Each area requires attention on a daily basis to keep the “wheel of life” moving in the right direction. And yet, almost no area of the “wheel” will have greater impact on your overall well-being than spiritual strength.

Your pursuit of purpose starts with getting clear about who you are. Your unique values and talents are no accident, and are hardwired into your authentic self. More importantly, you are made in the image of God and have divine potential. This knowledge and your relationship with God has greater potential to influence your trajectory than almost anything else.

I love to write, speak, and talk about how to build spiritual strength to face the challenges of the day, and below are a few samples from past books, podcasts and blogs.


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How to get paid and love what you do.


Discovering and Using Your God-given Talents to Find More Joy in Life.