Clarity and direction for your next career move.

People get stuck in their careers.

Trust me, I’ve been there. You waste time doing random Google searches, reading blogs, and complaining to friends. You know what you’re doing isn’t a long-term fit but you don’t know how to figure out what could be.

I get it. I’ve coached hundreds of people in the past several years through successfully resetting their jobs to more meaningful, well-paying careers. In this webinar, I’ll show you a method to get from stuck to unstuck in the most efficient way possible using the same method I use time and time again with mid-career professionals looking to make a change.

Start by watching this FREE webinar, then let’s talk to figure out your next step!

Other Resources

You may also decide to get the crash course by reading RESET or signing up for The Purpose Blueprint Course, a 12-session, self-guided walk that contains all the steps you need to reset your career in 36 days or less!

Or check out this FREE podcast on “Choosing Your Career from the Inside Out, Not from the Outside In”

Finally, if you are a HIGH SCHOOL student seeking direction, take a look at this interview from Virtual School Assembly


“The program had a significant impact on my thinking about taking the job I’m currently in. It really resonated with me and helped me identify where I found the most joy and energy in my work!”

-Lora Smith, School and District Success Manager, Gradient Learning

“The best endorsement for Dustin and the Purpose Blueprint is that I now cannot wait for Monday morning. When did you last feel that way? For years I dreaded the close of the weekend and what that meant for my happiness and energy. Not anymore. Dustin is the master of helping you find the personalized recipe for success – the tailor-made blueprint for how to be your best self in the workplace and in life.”

-Matt Broadbent, Executive Director, Intermountain Foundation; Real Estate Professional, Midway Land and Realty