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How to get paid and love what you do

The most useful book I read as I made the move from management consulting to education. Absolute must read! ​This book is the perfect mix of relatable stories to motivate you to finally think about those hard, vague questions like ‘what do I want to do next’ and powerful exercises to make your values more concrete and easier to act upon.”

Eric Li

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If I transferred $2 million to your bank account today to remove the need for financial security, what would you do with your life?

Travel. I know.

Of the thousands of people I’ve asked that question to they all say the same thing…travel.

But eventually, believe it or not, travel would get old. You’d tire of living out of a suitcase, being on the road, and eating out at restaurants.

You’d crave some normalcy and consistency.

More importantly, you’d eventually wake up feeling empty and ready to add some value to the world.

The thing is, money’s no longer an issue in this hypothetical situation so you can do anything, even it it’s volunteer.

So what would you do? How would you spend your time? Where would you go when you wake up Monday morning to add some value to the world?

Here’s how three folks I recently coached answered the question:

  • “I’d start a non-profit that takes people on international experiences.”
  • “I would get involved in helping women find their voice in the workplace.”
  • “I’d start a firm that helps people communicate their message more clearly.”

And guess what? They’re well on their way.

What I would do is help people figure out what to do with their life and how to get paid really well to do it, which is why I wrote RESET: How to get paid and love what you do.

After reading RESET, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the myths that might be halting your progress
  • Learn a new way to find your best-fit career
  • Identify the three foundations of and fulfilling career
  • Define success and plan for how to achieve it
  • Fight fear and take the first steps toward getting paid to do what you love!

RESET is the most straight-forward game plan for figuring out how to do your best work and get paid to be you.